How to Get Cheap Flight Ticket in Indonesia

Are you looking for the candidate for your next tip? Perhaps, you can consider Indonesia. There are so many exotic places spread throughout the country. Some places are even considered as the world’s most exotic tourism destinations. That’s not the only reason you should travel to Indonesia. Indonesia is one among few countries left where you can enjoy traveling with cheap flight ticket. But, wait. Don’t get it wrong. These cheap tickets can get you more than you can imagine. The best thing is, you can get them easily.

Let me show you how to get cheap flight ticket in Indonesia.

  1. Lower price for less popular destination

There are more exotic places to explore in Indonesia, many of them are still untouched. Getting to these less-familiar places may be a little more difficult than getting to a major. However, combined with early booking at low season, this thing can grant you the benefit of cheap flight ticket simply because less people are interested to go there.


  1. Check the airline

Picking the right airline can also help you get a cheap flight ticket. With similar service, you can get more affordable ticket from Low Cost Carrier (LCC), instead of regular airlines.


  1. How long will you travel

Airlines usually charge more during weekends, long weekends, and holiday season. If you want to save more, avoid these moments. February – April and September – November are the best moments to get cheap flight ticket in Indonesia. Picking the right date to travel is also important. Flight tickets are usually cheaper every 20th of each month. We don’t know the reason for sure, but it may have something to do with the fact that less people travel at that date.


  1. Learn the trend

Follow and like social media accounts from every airline. Airlines today use social media to promote their business and sometimes give special promo to their customers. It can be anything, but usually a special ticket price to certain destinations. Take notes on how and when each airline gives a special promo. Use this information and try to figure when the company would likely give another promo. Learn the trend and you may end up with lots of luck in getting cheap flight tickets.